Our 1on1 sessions are perfect for developing skilful and confident players on the ball. A big focus in our sessions is dynamic ball mastery. This allows the players to be challenged in both tight and big areas, whilst challenging the players to move their feet quickly.

1on1's are perfect as it allows the coach to fully focus on the player for the whole session, something that is not possible in team/group training's.

Whether you're looking to improve any weaknesses in your game or want to take your game to the next level, be sure to book in your session with us!


Small groups

2on1, 3on1 or 4on1 sessions

These small group training sessions are perfect for players wanting to train with someone else, to give them that competitive edge. We find that being able to train with someone else that has a similar ability allows the players’ game to improve a lot quicker as they are forced to work harder and raise their standards. These popular sessions are perfect for players wanting to bring a friend/friends with them and also make the session prices cheaper.


Development programs

Provide players with additional technical training. Our current program 'Master the Ball' focuses on Dynamic Ball Mastery, 1v1's, Dribbling and Ball Striking.

This program exposes players to more contact with a technical coach where the emphasis is on the player, not the the team. Feedback and coaching is providing more frequently in these sessions, bettering the players football development.


Holiday clinics

Precision Football Holiday Clinics are a great way for players to receive additional training over their school holiday breaks. Exposing players to technical holiday sessions in a detailed, fast paced and fun environment it is exactly the environment parents and players are looking for each school holiday break.

Our final day mini World Cup is also a big favourite with both players AND parents!!


Current Holiday Clinics on offer:

To sign up for the Oxley Easter Holiday Clinic please use this link

coach training

An opportunity for clubs/teams to learn from our team coaching methodology.

These coach training sessions are delivered to grassroots football clubs/teams to help volunteer coaches in maximising their time with their players.

These sessions focus on 3 things:

  • Session plan creation/organisation

  • Maximum time on ball for the players

  • Creating a fun environment where players look forward to attending each session