"Joe is a fantastic coach with great football intellect. We have been impressed with his maturity and his communication skills. He is a great mentor to our girls not just from a football perspective but as an example of what hard work and dedication can lead to."

Audrey and Eric Ramalinga

"His trainings are awesome! Very fun and very helpful, I have been improving after each of his training sessions!"

Nicole Abreu

"After sessions with Joe, my 11 year old was taking on other players and getting past them, after previously always kicking the ball away when in possession of the ball. There was such a dramatic improvement in his skills that I had quite a few sessions for myself. My 8 year old's ball control and confidence improved so much after just 1 session that we will continue with sessions."

Anthony Jones

"I really enjoyed this training as it wasn't just random drills, but drills that were relevant to my position as a midfielder in a game. I can't wait for my next session!"

Joey Preston

"These training sessions have helped me focus on the weaker points of my game. I have already seen a massive improvement in my movements off the ball and my final ball in the final third."

Josh Elmer